vml bylaws

Defining Vancouver Men in Leather (VML)

The VML mandate is to provide events for Men into Leather, inclusive of Cis, Trans and Non-Binary.  VML is mainly a gay men’s leather group, who also accommodates rubber, kink, and other fetish interests.

Board Duties and Function

  1. There shall be a board of directors who is responsible for the operation of VML.
  2. The board shall consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership, and Events chair(s).   The number of board members will be set each year at an annual general meeting, with a minimum of five Board Members.
  3. All financial expenses shall be approved by the board.
  4. The board shall strive for consensus decisions, but failing to reach consensus, any board member may ask for a majority vote of the board on any decision.  The President only votes in the case of a tie.
  5. A quorum of 50%+1 is necessary for any decisions made at a board meeting.  A board member may attend by teleconference also.
  6. The Treasurer shall not have signing authority on VML’s bank account.  Two other board members shall be required on all financial transactions regarding VML.
  7. The Treasurer shall hold the cheques and statements of VML.
  8. Two board members (not including the Treasurer) shall sign all cheques, and financial dealings relating to VML finances.
  9. No two people who co-habitate, or are in a relationship that could affect their decisions shall be co-signers on this account. (i.e. business partners, boyfriends, etc.)  
  10. No board members shall receive gifts, prizes or financial enhancement. (i.e. prizes, draws etc.) Other than benefits available to all VML members. (Direct out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed.)
  11. Any decisions made outside of a board meeting shall either be conducted by a conference call with all members present on the call, unless a board member indicates in writing that he does not wish to be involved in the decision to be made.  Another alternative is discussion and votes by all board members via email, where all board members receive all correspondence between board members on the issue at hand. (Unless a board member indicates they do not want to participate in the decision).  If a board member is unavailable (out of town – without ability to contact, or too ill to engage in discussion of board business, then the President may rule that that board member need not participate in the decision to be made.  
  12. Any board member may call for a board meeting; the Secretary shall arrange such a meeting ensuring as many as possible board members can attend.
  13. The hierarchy of officers in VML shall be as follows:  President,  Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership, Events chair(s), if an officer is unable to attend then the person holding the position immediately below on this list shall assume the duties of the missing officer. (i.e. if the President is not in attendance the  Vice President will assume the duties etc.)
  14. A board member may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the current board, where all board members have had a notice of intent to remove a board member and has had time to vote on such a motion.     

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

  1. These bylaws may only be altered by a vote of the VML membership at an AGM or SGM meeting of the membership.
  2. At an Annual General Meeting a quorum shall be at least 50% of paid up members who have an active email address registered with VML for 3 months.  Only those who have had a membership for 3 months can vote at an Annual general meeting.  A quorum is required for changing these bylaws but not for electing new board members, and other business which directs the board in it future endeavours.
  3. VML shall have an annual general meeting once a year, during January, February, or March.  At this meeting new board members are elected for a one year term, each officer shall report to the membership on the activities of the previous year at this meeting.  Also any special resolutions shall be considered by the membership.  A simple majority of members present shall be necessary to pass a motion that does not alter these bylaws.

Special General Meeting

  1. Any five members may ask for a Special General Meeting of the membership and all members shall be informed of the purpose of such special meeting. Only such business as identified in the notice shall be conducted.  The SGM notice will be emailed to members of VML at least 21 days before the meeting is called.  The notice shall be emailed to the email address on record of VML Membership chair.
  2. At a special general meeting a quorum shall be 50% of paid up members who have an active email address registered with VML for 3 months.  Only those who have had a membership for 3 months can vote at a special general meeting.
  3. If a quorum is not reached at a special general meeting then a new meeting time shall be called.  If after a second attempt to reach a quorum fails, then it shall be assumed there is not sufficient interest in the issue to pursue the issue further.

Upon winding up or dissolution of Vancouver Men in Leather, the assets which remain after payment of all costs, charges, and expenses which are properly incurred in the winding up shall be distributed to a non-profit organization focused on gay men, with consideration of the leather/kink community in Vancouver.

These VML Bylaws were adopted at the VML AGM, February 2012